Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oryzz Rice Homes Franchising Rice From Millers To Consumers

Rice malls in Bangalore to supply below market price

BANGALORE: There is good news for Bangaloreans on the rice front at these times of soaring food inflation.

As many as 12 rice malls in different parts of the city are set to be opened on Wednesday, offering 60 varieties at six to eight per cent less than the market price.

Branded ‘Oryzz Rice Homes’, the idea is to sell rice under the concept mill-to-homes by cutting brokerage charges in the supply chain management. These chain of malls is a joint venture between rice traders Ramoji Agro Pvt Ltd and online rice trading por tal Rice India.

The target is middle-class homes, the Managing Director of Ramoji Agro, Mr Ramojam, and CEO of Rice India, Mr Shashikumar Thimaiah, told reporters here on Saturday.

“At Oryzz Rice Homes, rice will be supplied directly from the mills to customers. This system will avoid the middlemen and hence the customer will get high quality rice at a competitive price which will be 6-8 per cent less than the market price,” Mr Ram ojam said.

The company plans to open more than 50 such malls in the city going forward; at a later stage it is looking at the district and taluk-levels for a similar venture under franchise model.

It has already tied up with some rice millers in states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

The company will invest Rs 6-10 crore for the first dozen malls which will offer varieties in the range of Rs 12-42 per kg.