Monday, February 22, 2010

Kiwi Kiss Frozen Yogurt Franchise In India

Kiwi Kiss yogurt in India soon

Kiwi Kiss, the Canadian frozen yogurt chain owned by AW Holdings — known for the fresh juice and sm­oothie brand Jus Booster Juice — will soon come to India. Brand Calculus, the master franchisee of Jus Bo­oster Juice in India, is bringing the yogurt brand too.

India will be the first ov­erseas market for the brand to enter. AW Holdings had launched Kiwi Kiss in November 2008 in Canada.

With Jus Booster Juice, last year Brand Calculus had entered a highly disorganized market for fruit juices in India. But, frozen yogurt is comparatively newer product as far as the country is concerned. According to Fazle Naqvi, MD of Brand Calculus, there is growing demand for fresh juices and yogurt brands among the health and hygiene-consci­ous customers in India.

“The unorganised market for fresh juices operates at low prices. We are not co­mpeting with them on pri­ces, but on quality, variety and hygiene,” he said.

The company has opened 11 Jus Booster Juice outlets in Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai. By the end of this year, Brand Calculus plans to have a total of 100 outlets, of which around 30 will be operated by franchisees.

“We receive the technology, product and storage-related support from the brand. But we are also free at innovating and localising products,” he said.

By Sangeetha G Feb 22 2010 , Chennai
Financial Chronicle