Monday, February 1, 2010

Central Cottage Industries (CCIC) offers India Handicraft Franchise For New Zealand.

The New Delhi based Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd (CCIC) is keen to establish its Cottage Emporium showrooms in New Zealand on franchise basis.

The prospective franchisees could be of Indian origin, familiar with Indian handicrafts and handlooms, although this would not be a condition.

But the showrooms should be named ‘Central Cottage Industries Emporium’ and deal with goods sourced only from the CCIC.

The state-owned company operates as an independent commercial entity with showrooms in India and Denmark (Copenhagen) and believes there is ample potential for its extensive product range in New Zealand.

Its merchandise includes carpets, shawls, fabrics, sarees, artifacts in sandalwood and other woods, metals, silver jewellery and other crafted objects from diverse regions of India.

CCIC Managing Director M A Ibrahimi said the company had worldwide customers and that foreign showrooms would cater to the growing demand for its quality products.

“We propose to open showrooms in overseas markets on franchise basis. Under this arrangement, the investment and expertise of the partner in a foreign country and the strengths of CCIC in sourcing of handicraft and handloom products can be combined to meet the expansion needs of the marketing of handicrafts,” he said.

He said the company was exploring the possibilities of opening one showroom initially in New Zealand, probably in Auckland and gradually expand to other centres.

“The Franchisee may determine the price of the products and undertake marketing and other promotional activities in terms of the agreement,” Mr Ibrahimi said.