Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cuppa Franchise

Cuppa, in a bid to revive the Indian Tradition of tea drinking has launched a chain of cafes under the brand name ‘CUPPA’. The flagship Café was launched in February 2009, at J.P.Nagar, Bangalore. Cuppa will soon be inaugurating four more outlets across Bangalore.

Cuppa will run its cafes through a network of franchise outlets some of which will be company owned and others will be run by ‘partners in profit’. Cuppa is India’s first nationwide chain of cafes, with huge potential for growth as it brings alive old traditions, albeit with the modern twist of innovative blends.
Cuppa is looking at aggressive growth. From the first café that opened in February 2009 in Bangalore, they aim to have 300 cafes, across India by the end of 2011. Café Coffee Day opened just a handful of cafes in the first 5 years of operation.
Cuppa is targeted at the Urban Indian Youth – from the age group of 20 to 35. The attractive interiors and the exciting menu will make it a ‘youth hangout of choice’. The competitive price will bring the cuppa experience within the reach of college students and the young executives who will be attracted by the sheer energy of the place and the wide range of beverages and snacks.

Cuppa promises
• An innovative range of teas, coffees and cold beverages
• Delectable snacks
• World-class customer experience
• Trained and well informed staff
• Great ambience, décor and comfort
• Open kitchen
• Localisation of menu
• International standards of quality, service and cleanliness
• Cuppa Card – Our loyalty program for loyal customers

Cuppa understands the difference between a good cup and a great cup.
They start at the very beginning – at the source. The finest ‘two-leaves-and-a-bud’ and the finest beans are sourced directly from the estates to ensure freshness, superior flavour, consistent quality and a customer who will come back for more.
Only the finest, 100% pure tea from Darjeeling & Assam and coffee from the estates of Chickmangalur, go in to our brews. For those looking for an international flavour, we have teas from China, Srilanka and South Africa. Our dedicated tasters take their job seriously and ensure that our customers enjoy every sip.
The Cuppa menu includes 32 teas and 17 coffees, ranging from the mundane Assam Tea to the Cuppa Signature Brew for the more adventurous.

Cuppa will operate through Franchisees across the country. There are three franchisee formats proposed, ranging from the 450-500 sq ft format in shopping malls to the 1000-1200 sq ft format on high streets.
450-500 sq ft area
Franchising Fee Rs 3,00,000
Equipment Rs 5,00,000
Furniture & Fixtures Rs 2,00,000
Interiors Rs 6,50,000
Total Investment Rs 16,50,000

Royalty Fees 8%
Marketing Fees 4%
Space Cost (Deposit) Rs 5,00,000

*The costs can vary as these are approximate costs.

750 – 800 sqft area
Franchising Fee Rs 4,00,000
Equipment Rs 5,00,000
Furniture & Fixtures Rs 3,00,000
Interiors Rs 10,40,000
Total Investment Rs 22,40,000

Royalty Fees 8%
Marketing Fees 4%
Space Cost (Deposit) Rs 8,00,000
*The costs can vary as these are approximate costs.

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