Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 100 Franchise Business Opportunities In India


Mar 29, 2010 – A look at the franchising Industry and the Top 100 Brands 2010 from different industries evaluated on the basis of their success, growth and concepts offered has been done by the franchising world magazine by Franchise India. The evaluation seems to have been done seeing the success and growth of the brand and how far they have been successful in retaining their success.A peek into the rankings reveals the following:

Established franchisors: Established franchisors are referred to as Masters of Franchising. These brands have successfully grown over the past 10 years and have contributed greatly to the franchise industry. The survey has listed 30 franchisors representing 30 brands in various sectors of franchising like, Education and pre-school, F&B, Apparel, Florists, Gifts and Greetings, Consumer Durable, Fashion and Accessories, Beauty, Health and Fitness, Automotive, Financial Service, and Bookstore Franchises.

Education Franchise: The most successful sector in the category of established brands is education and pre-school sector. Education franchising is the most established and lucrative franchise segment due growth of literacy rate and also due to the increase in disposable income particularly among the middle classes Moreover, the success of institutes such as Arena Multimedia, Cadd Centre, ICA, Jetking and NIIT show that the job opportunities in animation courses and the dependency on computers make more and more students opt for higher computer and software courses. With English language proving to be essential for job seekers, companies like Veta are the most successful franchises. Pre-schools are also proposed to be the best profit makers. With the increase in working women, the pre-schools are gaining momentum. Eurokids and Kidzee are among the top brands in pre-school category.

F&B:Food Franchise: With more and more people preferring to dine out and celebrate the small moments of life, the F&B is the next prominent category among the established players in franchising. Among the Indian players Sagar Ratna (south Indian cuisine) and Club City (multi specialty chain) are included in the top 30 established companies. Kwality Wall’s (ice-creams), Monginis (bakery chain), Amul (milk products)have also been included in the F&B sector.

Apparel:Garment Franchise: Franchisors in apparel segment have also established themselves successfully. Chhabra 555 leads the Indian wear category. Madura Garments, a readymade apparel chain and Raymonds, renowned textile company also occupy this section. They are followed by branded Western wear Spykar.

Beauty Franchise, Health, and Fitness Brands: Healthy soul rests in healthy body is what all beauty, health and fitness franchisors swear by. This trend has prompted the beauty and fitness brands to establish themselves as successful franchisors. With Indians, getting more beauty and health conscious, this sector provides ample business opportunities to the aspirants. Shahnaz Husain Group and VLCC are top established franchisors in this beauty and fitness category. Thyrocare is a leading established Diagnostic centre, offering franchise opportunity.

Fashion and accessory brands: With the changing preferences, there is a transition of traditional market to being more trendy and contemporary markets. With mostly women and youngsters preferring to endow themselves with jewellery and trendy accessories, this section also occupies our list of top established brands. Tanishq and Titan are the top players in the section.

Besides these, florists, gifts, automotive, financial services, consumer durables and book stores are the dominating established franchise categories. These sectors are also providing ample business opportunities to the aspirants to get associated with the successful franchisors.

Having highlighted the top established franchisors in India the decision for all aspiring entrepreneurs to take up the franchise business is much easier now.
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So, what are you waiting for? Explore the various opportunities available in India and start franchising.